The Prime Land

The land that see our children birth, is the land of our family, the land of our own culture, the land of our dreams, the land of our future.

The prime land is a practice dedicated to the return into a natural lifestyle.

While living within the modern world technology based culture, our consciousness, body, emotions, feelings, senses, self-awareness, perception, loose much, loos the challenge that nature use to give to us.

In order to come back to nature, it is enough to buy 1 Hectar land, for nurturing and caring for a basic family cluster, one couple and their children.

While to live off the grid is an ideal model of living the process of return to the prime land is not taking place by luck, nor spontaneously.

Even the hard work and intentional and tangible efforts of coming back to nature, wont be enough.

While one leave 100% city life, the human of the city is not yet ready for integrating ownself back to nature, as mystics would do their daily life.

The modern off the grid projects, use natural resources for shelter, and will use still agriculture and farming for living and will need still of money for daily life, as well will be concerned about education.

The bound with the mother society, technology and city culture is not yet lost. At least will not be dissolved by just leaving from the city and moving into an off the grid community.

The bridge into a natural living must be created, while humans are still bound to process and time, their budgets necessary for their survival along the process of crossing the bridge, will need to be carefully planned.

While, is that bridge being built by modern off the grid communities that hold in their hearts the intention to go back to nature as mystics?

Most of modern off the grid intentional mystic communities have face the extreme challenge of leaving city business and learning from scratch to live in the land, of their dreams, and create as communities or family a new heart based culture .

Any case, along the bridge time, so much suffering and frustration have been observed in those that need to walk a longer bridge.

Shelter, food, health, must be obtain from nature as it is, the build of houses, farming design, schools, business at off the grid communities, or business online, or eventually visit-for-business to the city, wont be the preference of a community or family with the intention to go back to nature and live mystic life.

But there is one possibility, for which the human heart based consciousness can concentrate in own wish and co-create with nature, a sacred space, in which the self-transformation process will take place.



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The return of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union