The Golden Space of Love 9

By following a heart based design, choose at any spot in your own land, 9 square (diameter) meters land, and do as follow:

  • Every day, 1,3,5 or 9 times
  • Enter the sacred space of love
  • Do live in it as your heart wish, as a mystic that lives back into nature
  • Create the bridge conditions and process
  • Concentrate your efforts in one strategy
  • For example: first learn to live from farming, apply as many technologies your heart field to use, but only within this space.
  • Build shelter, health, nurturing food, joy, family, culture.
  • Live as natural as you must

While the intensity of your self transformative work will help your senses, feelings, psychology, mind, emotions, perception, strength, in tune to the life of a mystic who is back into nature, and will bring you slowly back to your real condition.

The process of practice will help you train and concentrate in such a mode and with such depth and intensity, that your inner core centered in union with prime source of all that is, will rise, and express the qualities, wisdom and strength necessary for the application of your wisdom and prime love in the 1 Hectar land you already live in.

Be ready for transforming your house, farm, life, self education, along these process.

The goals to reach areĀ :

FIRST enhance the process, quality and experience of the bridge

SECOND reach the strength and wisdom, ability to live in a state of joy and naturally, with no effort, out of your land alone. Including the education of your children and development of your own culture.

THIRD, prepare yourself for the next bridge.

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The return of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union