Prime Love 9

As soon as the bridge of the sacred space of love have been complete, one must enter a new 9 square(diameter) field of practice dedicated to the complete transformation.

Place this 9 field, into the wildest area within your land or ideally within the forest in order to create there the second part of your bridge.

The purpose of this space is to live from nature without taking any resource, but by transforming yourself into a being of nature.

Soon you will realize that nature shares with your food, shelter and health, when you become one with it.

Let the process rise and your heart enter the prime space of love, let the divine in yourself rise, and prime source share through your own heart the wisdom of own creation with you.

It will come a moment in time in which you will feel like leaving the land of 9, and entering the forest, in wander and live in freedom. Be aware that those feelings belong to one stage of the process of self transformation, but not to its stable completion. Bring yourself back to the land of 9, for you to become stable in your self transformation. Unless you reach completion, come always back to the land of 9. Your culture is the culture of nature.

Now, your goal is closer, you are capable to live in the wilderness with no tools, no artificially made shelter, nor clothes nor farming. It is time for the third bridge.



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The return of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union