Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken experience nature as the field of realization as a mystic, and within nature, living and learning, exploring, and researching in nature, find the path for ascension into the sacred state of prime self union.

Luis writes and shares presentations and training with off the grid communities, mystics, spiritual seekers and travelers on the Prime Land,  as the natural path back into the state of self expression as divine beings or expression of    our own true heart, in prime self union.

The mystic path of ascension into the divine self expression into prime self union is the core of the Prime Land Teachings and Practice, as centre of the Prime Yoga Practice integrated into nature and life.


Luis learned about nature since he was a child, and along his travels, visited several locations world wide, mystic and archeological sites, and as well searched for land where to ground his own house, research centre and school.



Luis would like to have land as he prefers to live off the grid, keep traveling and searching for an ideal location, since 2000.




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The return of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union